Increase Profits – Limit Risks

Global Financial Markets

We take the lead as pioneers of German and foreign investors, asset managers and financial servicers to facilitate their access to the domestic or foreign capital market of their choice, e.g. by identifying suitable investments or “tailor-made“ configuration of financial instruments (shaping, modelling)

Objective: Utilise the opportunities of free capital flows to optimise returns from investments.

Optimal use of equity capital

All investment risks need to be adequately backed by equity capital; changing solvency requirements may – after sound analyse – result in restructuring of portfolios.

Objective: Efficient use of scarce / expensive own capital.

Succession plan and preservation in the scope of wealth

Owners and families with considerable financial background are increasingly interested in the „Family Office“-concept as ideal instrument for future planning as well as administration and preservation of their property over several generations.

It is a challenge for the benefit of a Family Office is to analyse, structure and optimise the complex relationship between the sponsor and the different servicers.

Objective: Create added value, secure and increase wealth, disburden the sponsors, extend scope for development.

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Asset Allocation wins

We accompany investors to accomplish their strategic analysis and investment decision in periods of increasing profit expectations in communicating markets.

Goal: Conduct a structured planning and decision process that considers all available information and follows a disciplined and consistent investment procedure

  • Investment restrictions applying to German insurance companies
  • Investment concepts for institutional investors
  • Conversion of industrial estate
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Performance and Risk Management

We implement a homogeneous performance measurement system for all investment categories and develop a scale of individual risk valuation for all assets. Risk is defined as the extent of possible deviation from the planned and expected results.

Gaol: Improve transparency of the decision and investment process
Implement or improve controlling system for invested assets

  • Establish a new asset management company
  • Training of asset managers and institutional investors
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